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Property Claim Repair Network has partnered with Property Claim Assist to provide an all in one claim management solution.

With many Insurers asking you to obtain for your own building repair quotes, we understand that this can be a daunting task, especially if you have no experience handling your own claim.

Property Claim Assist offer an independent claim management solution and provide all the care & support you need in such traumatic events. They even liaise with your insurers directly, and work in your interests to reach a full and fair settlement.

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When you file a insurance claim, you may have to deal with loss adjusters. Most likely, your insurance firm will hire a loss adjuster to investigate your claim and coordinate possible repairs for your property.

These adjusters are supposed to be impartial and independent. However, since they’re hired by an insurance firm, their judgment may favour their employer.

Don’t waste your time and energy dealing with loss adjusters personally. Let Property Claim Assist handle this tedious task for you.

Our Loss Assessors work for your interest – free of charge when you appoint Property Claim Repair Network’s trusted and vetted contractors. Most importantly, we negotiate with loss adjusters and the insurance companies to make sure you get a fair settlement.

Expert Loss Assessors

Our Experts are on your side throughout the claim, translating policy clauses, negotiating the settlement, refuting reasons to reduce or decline your claim, taking the stress off your shoulders and helping you return to your pre-loss condition as swiftly as possible.

By appointing a Loss Assessor, you get full property claim management and representation, an accurate claim valuation and a full property repairs service, at no charge if you use Property Claim Repair Network’s trusted contractors.

No need to get tradesmen quotes or have the prospect of becoming a victim of cowboy or less-skilled tradespeople. No need to have to try to assess quality of workmanship, as we will do that for you.

It’s hard to see who wouldn’t need this sort of expert help, to get them back on their feet following property damage. If you realise that you do, we are just a call away.

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Why Property Claim Assist?

Your Sole Point of Contact

Property Claim Assist immediately instruct one of our highly experienced assessors to be your sole point of contact throughout the claim process.

They Prepare, Present & Negotiate

Property Claim Assist prepare, present and negotiate all aspects of your claim to achieve the best possible settlement.

Arrange a Qualified Structural Engineer

Urgently arrange the attendance of a qualified Structural Engineer, to assess whether your property requires any immediate attention and ensure it is structurally safe.

Arrange Emergency Works

Arrange immediate emergency works such as boarding up and locksmith services, in order to protect your home from further damage and prevent further loss.

Ensure a Fast Response to Your Needs

Do all we can to ensure that your Insurance Company responds quickly to your needs.