Why Property Claim Repair Network Are Your Property Fire Damage and Claim Specialist

Property fire damage can be extensive and sometimes requires several different types of contractor to carry out the repair and restoration works, smoke odour removal and soot decontamination schedule. Trying to do all of that yourself can seem like mission impossible. However, we’ve done it for years.

Property Claim Repair Network takes the strain and selects contractors from your local area on your behalf, choosing from its network of fully vetted tradespeople.

At every stage, Property Claim Repair Network is in control, managing the entire property claim and repair process, so you don’t have to. We’ll get you back on your feet after a fire, as fast as we can.

Restoring your property after a fire

Every fire is different and any property restoration in the aftermath of a fire needs its own bespoke plan. Our fully qualified and professional contractors will assess the extent of the property damage suffered in your fire, so a tailored plan and schedule of works can be put together, to help you start to move towards your post-fire D-day.

We will address both water damage and the direct impacts of the fire, caused by smoke and soot and corrosive chemicals. A full decontamination plan will be created and we will ensure accurate removal of any items affected by either smoke or the liquids used to extinguish the fire.

From there, we will accurately work on both the evident and the unseen damage – behind walls and in voids and roof spaces – ensuring nothing is missed and that no longer-term damage goes unaddressed.

Once the plan is created, out contractors will begin the restoration process, getting you back to normal and your property returned to its pre-fire condition.

Partnering with Independent Loss Assessors

Property Claim Repair Network has partnered with independent loss assessors, Property Claim Assist, to provide its customers with an end-to-end, seamless property insurance claim management solution.

We recognise how hard it is for home and commercial property owners to get their own building and property repair quotes. We know how difficult it is to judge which tradesmen and women are competent and which are unskilled or not concerned about providing good workmanship and a lasting repair.

Our partnering arrangement ensures that your property repairs are treated with care, that you get all the support you need at a stressful time and that you are not expected to become an overnight insurance expert, handling your own property claim. Property Claim Assist take on all of the negotiations on your behalf and will strive to gain your full entitlement from your insurance cover, securing the best possible settlement achievable.

Cutting corners can be a way of life in the world of property insurance claims and property repairs. Not on our watch, however. Work with us and we will look after you throughout your insurance claim, at no charge to you when you appoint one of our trusted and vetted contractors.

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No matter where you live in the UK, if you need to get a property repair quote for your insurance claim, we can help.

We have a network of trusted tradespeople fully equipped to handle your insurance claim property repairs. They are ready to swing into action whenever you are.

These are not cowboy builders, or unqualified tradespeople, but professionals whom we have checked and vetted in every regard – qualifications, honesty and health and safety.

You do not have to waste time trying to get a property repair quote for your insurer. We can instantly sort that out for you.

We can also take the whole burden of your property insurance claim off your shoulders, at the same time.

One click of the enquiry button can get your property repairs started, so contact us today.

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