How Property Claim Repair Network Restores and Repairs Listed and Historical Buildings

When a property is a listed and historical building, it can be even more distressing when property damage occurs and even harder to find tradespeople and structural engineers who can help put it back together again.

Finding a tradesperson to quote does not necessarily mean that it is a tradesperson who will value the historic significance of the property and effect a sympathetic repair, using authentic materials.

An inexperienced contractor may strip away large swathes of your building’s original material, undermining historic integrity and authenticity, as well as the patina that materials gain with age.

Professional Historic and Listing Building Repairs

Property Claim Repair Network’s contractors conserve as much of a building’s original fabric as possible, whilst still correcting defects caused by decay or damage. All are regularly vetted, insured and come with the required health and safety qualifications. Their goal is to gain the right outcome for your listed or historical building and preserve it for future generations to enjoy.

Partnering with Independent Loss Assessors

Your listed or historical building may need repair and restoration work as a result of damage that results in an insurance claim, which is why we have partnered with Property Claim Assist who can ensure that claim is handled in the best possible way and with the least amount of strain on you.

Many property insurance claims’ negotiations are challenging, but when a historic or listed building is involved, it requires another level of expertise and knowledge.

Interpreting the insurance policy in the correct way, to gain full entitlement from the insurance cover purchased, is absolutely key. That is what our partners can do for you, as well as handling every other aspect of your claim, right through to the final settlement.

All of this comes for free, if our trusted and vetted contractors also handle your repairs, so do not hesitate to contact us, if your historic or listed building has been damaged and needs putting back together, in a way that preserves its integrity.

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No matter where you live in the UK, if you need to get a property repair quote for your insurance claim, we can help.

We have a network of trusted tradespeople fully equipped to handle your insurance claim property repairs. They are ready to swing into action whenever you are.

These are not cowboy builders, or unqualified tradespeople, but professionals whom we have checked and vetted in every regard – qualifications, honesty and health and safety.

You do not have to waste time trying to get a property repair quote for your insurer. We can instantly sort that out for you.

We can also take the whole burden of your property insurance claim off your shoulders, at the same time.

One click of the enquiry button can get your property repairs started, so contact us today.

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