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Thatched roofs naturally degrade over time, meaning that repairs and replacements become inevitable. Such works are regularly carried out by some of the specialist tradespeople in our Property Claim Repair Network, who have a track record second to none.

If the damage to a well-laid and maintained roof is minor, we can usually create a patch, using identical material to the coat work and holding it in place with spars or screws.

If a thatched roof has suffered major damage, a total re-thatch of the roof may be required. Here, we would strip the roof down to the timber and fit a completely new ridge.

Whichever it is, you can trust us to get your thatched roof repairs right, making the damage good in both a safe and efficient manner.

Partnering with Independent Loss Assessors

Wild weather is typically responsible for many thatched roof repairs, with fire being another main reason why a thatched roof replacement might be required. Both would typically need the home or property owner to make a claim on their thatched property insurance policy.

Working your way through the small print of a specialist non-standard construction insurance policy, like a thatched roof insurance policy, can be very confusing. Unless you have a good understanding of insurance terminology and clauses, you could easily slip up.

For this reason, we have partnered with experienced loss assessors, Property Claim Assist, to deliver peace of mind to our thatched roof property owners. By using Property Claim Assist’s service – free if our contractors are handling your thatched roof repairs – you can access professional end-to-end claims negotiation and management services.

With such support, you can rest assured that you will have someone fighting for the best possible insurance settlement available from your insurance cover, whilst you can get on with other things you have to do.

Don’t wait to get in touch, if you are in need of a quote for your thatched roof repairs.

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